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3 episodes

Director Maxim Didenko

Premier took place on 2 July 2020


General producer Alexey Mazur

Creative producer Maxim Didenko

Executive producers Svetlana Ostrovskaya, Polina Kozlovskaya Writers Evgeny Mandelstam, Maxim Didenko (with the participation of Ilya Starilov)

Art director Ilya Starilov

Second director Olga Dorutina

Production designer, editing director Gosha Golitsyn

Director of photography Boris Kostomarov

Sound engineer Yuri Nazarov

Costume designer Olga Sokolova

Assistant director Ekaterina Didenko

Stylists Maxim Maximov, Olga Galinskaya

Acting assistants Emilia Kivelevich, Anna Sivkova

Line producer Anna Dushina

Second Artist Pavel Yanovitsky

Artist assistant Ivan Dikunov

Prop master Sergey Velikdanov

Color correction and CG Vladimir Mogilevsky, Alexander Arkhipov, CiInelex studio

Photographer Olga Mitiguz

Music – Alexander Karpov, “Fin de Siècle” – Nobody Can Fix It The composition of the AIGEL group “It gave off heat”, Hadn dadn “Kiwi wallet” and Tonny Russia “The most evil bitch on the block”


The car was provided by the taxi service “Citymobil”

“The series “amroN” is a reaction to everything that is happening around”


According to the plot, the country began to be ruled by the Orthodox neural network “amroN” (“Norma” by Vladimir Sorokin in reverse). Through millions of lenses, she observes people's lives and intervenes in their destinies. High technology and Cossack terrorists, sects, drugs and the endless dictatorship of the invisible supermind - the AMRON universe reflects and distorts everyday reality, bringing its hidden mechanisms to the surface.

“Such a new “Norm”, but turned inside out, where the novel is only the starting point. We filmed one episode, which ultimately became (for now) the last. We decided that we needed a second one, we gathered for a third, and the ripple effect began. The form arose absolutely naturally. This is a kind of Soviet magazine “Wick”, but as psychedelic as possible.” — Maxim Didenko

Episode 1



Ksenia Sobchak, Nikita Kukushkin, Mikhail Komin, Pavel Maykov, Pyotr Didenko, Sofia Lebedeva, Sofia Sinitsyna, Kirill Varaksa, Dmitry Severin, Philip Dyachkov, Boris Kostomarov, Nikolai Zhidkov, Polina Sazonova, Tatyana Kustova, Anna Krylova, Anna Glagoleva, Irina Ashikhmina , Elizaveta Surina, Evgeny Mandelstam, Sergei Kulikov, Alexander Kochevansky

Episode 2


Sasha Gorchilin, Rosa Khairullina, Sofya Sinitsyna, Mikhail Evlanov, Olga Lapshina, Vasilisa Perelygina, Philip Dyachkov, Kirill Varaksa, Sergei Kulikov, Evgeniy Antonov, Vera Babicheva

Episode 3


Nikita Kukushkin, Vasily Mikhailov, Sergey Badichkin, Ilya Barabanov, Evgeny Mandelstam, Andrey Maslennikov

Maxim Didenko director Ksenia Sobchak
Maxim Didenko director tvrain
Maxim Didenko director Amron
Maxim Didenko director Ksenia Sobchak
Maxim Didenko director Amron
Maxim Didenko director Amron
Maxim Didenko director Amron
Maxim Didenko director Amron
Maxim Didenko director Ksenia Sobchak
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