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Duration free

Director Maxim Didenko

Premier took place on September 2020



Playwright Evgeny Mandelstam

Composers Ivan Kushnir and Alexander Karpov

Choreographer Vladimir Varnava

Author of the artistic component Ilya Starilov

Voice Daria Rumyantseva

Dancers Vladimir Varnava, Ksenia Shevtsova

Sound art Yuri Izmailov

Video artists Ilya Starilov, Georgy Mamatov

Graphic design Valentin Starilov

Art Direction Mynameisspace

Developers Mick Weissman and the Trinity Monsters team Producers Petr Napolski, Anna Sivkova, Ekaterina Didenko

Pr Anna Gorodetskaya, Aziza Kadiri


We thank Ekaterina Bochavar and the GROUND Solyanka Gallery

Metaphysical journey staged by Maxim Didenko In September 2020, Maxim Didenko, in collaboration with Evgeny Mandelstam, released the first performance in augmented reality, “Fleeing Atalanta.” The play is based on the book of the medieval alchemist Michael Mayer. Viewers will be presented with a parallel reality of the world of Atalanta. Actors, choreography and scenery will be shown through a smartphone camera using AR technology.

“We influence the viewer in several ways. It is as if he is physically located inside the space of the city. In the headphones he hears certain voices and some metaphysical information. Using his phone, he sees objects hidden here,” said director Maxim Didenko.


To watch the play “Fleeing Atalanta” you will need a mobile phone IPhone no lower than 7 and headphones. You need to download a special application created by the Immerse platform and follow the route leading through the corners of China Town.

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